Developing a sustainable ocean economy is vital to the future of our planet 


Nation states, business sector alliances and academia need to balance the emerging imperative to drive Blue Growth with the development of systems and models that ensure that can be done sustainably. 

Our ability to achieve this will therefore depend on the effectiveness of individual and global efforts to:

  • Protect and preserve ocean life

  • Promote and pioneer the Blue Economy, in order to add value and attract additional investment that is economically and environmentally sustainable

Technology and innovation will without question play a pivotal role in supporting these aims in the coming century, and NLA International Ltd has been established to provide new strategic insight and operational energy to catalyse new and much needed targeted action in this realm.

The ocean economy is essential to the future welfare and prosperity of humankind... However, the maritime industry is poised to undergo a profound transition [as] new activites are emerging that are reshaping and diversifying maritime industries”
— OECD (2016), 'The Ocean Economy in 2030', OECD Publishing, Paris

If you are just beginning to explore opportunities that are opening up within the Blue Economy and are looking for more information, the OECD article, The Ocean Economy in 2030, is an excellent place to start.

It gives a great insight into the sheer scale and value of the ocean economy and it's importance to the future of the global economy and the preservation of the environment.

Click here to access the full article.